Voltlog #289 – InTheMail

Welcome to a new InTheMail, the series that will touch both your passion for electronics and your bank account at the same time. Before I get started I’m gonna take a second to remind you to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell notification icon because that’s the only way you will know for sure when I upload new videos. 

I must say I’m noticing delays in delivery of these packages from China, it started with orders placed mid January and I’m probably going to see some packages lost and never delivered so i recommend you keep an eye on your orders and request a refund when the protection time expires.

Voltlog #269 – 11.11 Shopping Suggestions For Makers

Welcome to a new Voltlog, it’s November and that means the biggest shopping event happening in Asia is coming up, I’m talking about the 11th of november. There are some numbers published for last years event and it seems they registered more than 30 billion in 24 hours in sales, yes you heard right, billions. So it’s a very big event with nice discounts and opportunities for makers like us to get some new gear. That’s why I prepared this video which will be published 1-2 days before the event so you can get some ideas of stuff that you could purchase. I assembled a list, these are products that I’ve tested and used myself which I think are good value for money and a nice addition to any hobbyist lab.

Voltlog #238 – Finally Printing Shrink Tube Labels With A Brother Printer

As shown in the previous video I had to trick the printer to accept this type of cartridge by masking some of the micro switches it uses to detect the type of cartridge but that solved one problem and created another one. The text was now mirrored because that works out for regular label tape which gets printed on the inside of a transparent film. However for heatshrink where the label gets printed directly on the tube, it will end up reversed.

I’ve only tried one combination with the 3 micro-switches but some people suggested in the comments that I should try other switch combination and boy were they right because I did find another switch combination which causes the printer to accept the cartridge and mirror the text as well. So this is the right combination to use with my type of printer and this type of cartridge. The two bottom holes need to be opened, and only the single top hole needs to be covered. You can use a small piece of kapton tape like I did here.

Voltlog #237 – Can You Print Shrink Tube Labels With A Cheap Brother Printer?

Welcome to a new Voltlog, today we’ll have just a short video talking about label printers, I’m gonna show you this heat shrink type of label that you can get and it’s pretty useful to label wiring and how the manufacturers of these prevent you from using certain types of label cassettes in lower end printers.

In my case I am using a Brother PT-H107, this is a bottom of the range label printer, it was practically the cheapest I could find around here.

Voltlog #194 – Gift Ideas For Makers – Christmas 2018

Welcome to a new voltlog, so december is coming up and some of you might be thinking what gifts you could offer to your loved ones. I thought I’d share my ideas and what I would like to receive as a maker or hobbyist. The criteria for choosing these items were mainly to be decent quality products, at affordable prices and be things that a maker would later use in his projects. As usual you will find links in the description on the video on youtube to places where you can order these online.

So these are my recommendations for you, I would for example be happy to receive any of the above and that’s how I made this list, thinking about what I would be happy to receive or what would be really useful and fund at the same time for a maker. Let me know in the comments below if the list helped you in any way to choose the right gift for someone. Thank you for watching!