Voltlog #257 – ESP32 PIR Motion Sensor With Deep Sleep & MQTT (revB part2)

In this video I’m gonna show the second revision of my esp32, battery powered PIR motion sensor. This second revision contains some optimizations to improve deep sleep power consumption as well as to fix some of the errors I had the first revision of the pcb.

2 thoughts on “Voltlog #257 – ESP32 PIR Motion Sensor With Deep Sleep & MQTT (revB part2)”

  1. Hello Voltlog, i have a question:
    When you enable deep sleep mode in your ESP32, Does the electric current that goes through your PIR sensor in Deep Sleep mode allows you to wake up the device? I’m very confused about it since I tried to do the same with an IR sensor e18-d80nk (that still requires 5V) to trigger a wake up but it does consume a lot of electric current since It’s connected right into the batteries and even so I have been told that my IR sensor has to be always connected and ON to be able to wake up the ESP32, and so will always consume the current that is going from the batteries to the ESP32. Do you know what i could do so when i activate the Deep Sleep mode of my ESP32 I’ll be able to wake it up with this sensor using a current of 10microamps? Do you recommend me another sensor to use it to wake it up the ESP32 when an object from a close distance of 10-80cm maybe gets close to the ESP32 for an indefinite time till the object leaves?

    Thanks Voltlog, I love your videos!

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