Voltlog #187 – InTheMail

In this video I am showing: Shoe Insoles Heaters, DC-DC Converter Module MP1584 3A 28V Input, Matek Power Distribution Board 5V 12V, Digital Tachometer Non-Contact, Pedal switch, 10W Qi Wireless Charging Pad, Baseus Wireless Charging Car mount, Air Mouse Wireless Remote, Air Mouse Wireless Remote, Amtech NC-559 Flux (fake).

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Voltlog #182 – InTheMail

Hello everyone and welcome to a new InTheMail the series that will touch both your passion for electronics and your bank account at the same time.


Voltlog #131 – Measuring The Efficiency Of The Ruideng Kis3r33S DC-DC Converter

You might remember this small module from the previous InTheMail, this is the Ruideng dc-dc converter with a claimed efficiency of 95%. Now a figure of 95% efficiency is not unheard of these days, many dc-dc converters can achieve this with proper circuit design.

This particular model uses the MP2307 converter chip manufactured by Monolithic Power and if we take a look at their datasheet we can immediately see where they got the 95% efficiency figure they advertise.

If you own fancy equipment like a source/measure unit than one instrument can do all the measurements and data log the results as well but a source/measure is out of our budget so we will be using multimeters for this test.

Here are links where you can find the equipment used in this video: