Voltlog #234 – The Problems I Found With The KSGER T12 Soldering Station

In a previous Voltlog I reviewed this KSGER T12 soldering station, it was the first station I got my hands on from this manufacturer, it’s version 2.1S and I was pleasantly surprised by the features it has. If you haven’t seen that video I will link it on screen right now. Since then I’ve been using it as my main soldering station and I’ve been pretty happy with how it works but some of my viewers who have been using these for longer have pointed out a few things I missed in the video so this will be a quick update video to show the things I’ve missed previously.

One thought on “Voltlog #234 – The Problems I Found With The KSGER T12 Soldering Station”

  1. Hi
    Thanks for a really clear and informative video. I’ve just ordered one of the v2.1s models. Can I ask you, is there any way to update the firmware to 3.1s?
    Thanks again


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