Voltlog #223 – Is The Paron JX-D5 Crimping Tool Any Good?

If you are a frequent viewer of the channel you’ve probably heard me say that I need a crimping tool and people recommended I should get the good stuff, Engineer being a recommended brand, those being more expensive but having precision machined jaws that produce perfect crimping every time. Other people recommended some cheaper alternatives but I went with none of those options, I got this Paron branded crimping tool, from banggood which sent the product for free for this review.

This particular crimping tool is model number JX-D5 and has a total of 5 crimping dies in the kit, allowing you to crimp a good majority of the crimps you will encounter and this was the thing that really made me wanna order this tool because I don’t want to keep 5 different crimping tools, it’s more convenient to have one of these with interchangeable heads.

Voltlog #189 – InTheMail

Hello everyone and welcome to a new InTheMail the series that will touch both your passion for electronics and your bank account at the same time.

We’re gonna start with this interesting looking controller type module. So we got what looks like a big switching device here that probably needs a heatsink. Well this is a beefy triac, it can do 100A and can also withstand 1000A non repetitive peaks. We’ve kinda started from the wrong side, from the output but that’s what stands out from this module. We have an opto-isolator which has a triac output driver, separating the two sides of the board. Let’s check the clearance on the back, they have something like 3mm clearance in this area. If I were to design this, I would have done it with at least 5mm, I don’t see the point of extending this ground poor so close to this track which is on the hot side.

Links for all of the items can be found in the video description on the youtube page.

Voltlog #51- InTheMail

Here is a list of the items shown in this video:

  • Led 1w amber
  • 3W cool/warm white LED
  • 6W COB LED
  • 16×2 LCD HD44780
  • CREE XPE-R3 LED Mini Penlight Flashlight AAA
  • Green High Power Burning Laser Pointer
  • Green Laser 473nm Protection Glasses
  • HT7333 LDO Regulator
  • 2xAAA Battery holder
  • AAA 1.2V NiMH Rechargeable Battery
  • Terminal Block Connectors
  • 20 Pcs Gold Plated 4mm Banana Plug
  • Silicone Rubber Fan Mounts
  • 16mm Rotary Knobs
  • Neodymium Countersunk Hole Magnets
  • Dental Mirror
  • New T-Handle Tap Wrench Capacity M3-M6

You can find links to all these products in the video description.