Getting all the power I need with the Blitzwolf BW-PG1 Power Station | Voltlog #417

Welcome to a new video, today we’ll be taking a look at a device which I believe is gaining more popularity, especially as summer time approaches and people are spending more time outdoors. It’s no secret that we are dependent on our gadgets now more than ever and we need to keep them charged. 

Regular 10-20Ah powerbanks can save the day for your phone or tablet but if we’re talking about multiple gadgets like multiple phones, tablets, laptops, portable speakers, lights, etc then you need something more serious with higher capacity, multiple ports, maybe even an AC outlet. 

That’s why today we’ll be looking at this guy, it’s the Blitzwolf PG1 a true power station holding 124Ah of battery capacity(in this version which is the upgraded one) and providing you with multiple USB ports for DC output, two AC outputs, a built-in bluetooth speaker, an LED light with everything built into this nice rugged case which comes with a carry handle so this might be a true companion for a camping trip or a summer beach day or even for those unexpected long power outages.

So everything sounds good on paper for this power station and blitzwolf products are generally pretty good. I’ve owned several power adapters, usb charging cables and various other smartphone accessories from Blitzwolf in the past and they’ve been great. I would say they are similar in quality with Baseus products if you are familiar with that brand which I also show a lot on this channel. But in this video we’ll check for ourselves, we’ll do a teardown, because having all of that energy inside this power station can be dangerous if it’s not built with a certain degree of quality and attention to detail.

The unit was super nicely packed in a thick double box so it arrived in perfect condition and its own internal packaging and protection is very professional so I don’t think anything can happen to this product during shipping but it’s also not wise to underestimate what shipping companies are capable of.

Blitzwolf PG1 Teardown Pictures

Voltlog #269 – 11.11 Shopping Suggestions For Makers

Welcome to a new Voltlog, it’s November and that means the biggest shopping event happening in Asia is coming up, I’m talking about the 11th of november. There are some numbers published for last years event and it seems they registered more than 30 billion in 24 hours in sales, yes you heard right, billions. So it’s a very big event with nice discounts and opportunities for makers like us to get some new gear. That’s why I prepared this video which will be published 1-2 days before the event so you can get some ideas of stuff that you could purchase. I assembled a list, these are products that I’ve tested and used myself which I think are good value for money and a nice addition to any hobbyist lab.

Voltlog #40 – InTheMail

Once again too many mail items to fit into a single video, so we have a two parts upload. In the first video I only had time to show two items the SONOFF from ITead and the SP mini from Broadlink but that is including teardowns and discussions on the internals.  Surprisingly the SP mini doesn’t use the ESP8266 as expected but instead it uses the MT7681 from MediaTek.

Voltlog #11 – InTheMail ICR18650-26F NCR18650B Mifare RC522 RFID Xiaomi 5000mAh

Another VoltLog InTheMail, this time I receive the following items:

  • ICR18650-26F 2600mAh 3.6V Rechargeable Li-ion Battery.
  • NCR18650B 3400mAh 3.7V Rechargeable Li-ion Battery.
  • 3S JST connector cable.
  • DC-DC 0.9V-5V USB Output Charger Step Up Power Module.
  • ESD Anti-Static Shielding ZIP LOCK Bags.
  • Mifare RC522 RFID Induction Reader Module.
  • 100 Pcs 0805 SMD LED Diode 5 Colors.
  • Original Xiaomi 5000mAh Ultra-thin 9.9mm Power Bank.
  • TI Precision Amplifier Quickstart Kit AMPQUICKKIT-EVM
    OPA313, OPA314, OPA316, OPA170, OPA171, OPA172.